About Us:

The Egg Factory (Egg Factory) is perhaps the oldest and most prolific innovation company focused on Optics and Ophthalmics in North America. www.eggfactory.com. Formed in 1999, Egg Factory has invented, patented, nurtured, incubated, and developed numerous innovations (Eggs) many of which are now at a stage of maturity nearing exit. Along the way Egg Factory has selectively killed other innovations which for one reason or another did not meet with Egg Factory's expectations. Today the Eggs of Egg Factory mostly fend for themselves while the Egg Factory provides innovation and management expertise and advice. Egg Factory presently finds itself owning significant equity positions and / or being in line to potentially receive attractive royalty distributions from some of the most promising business opportunities in Life Sciences today, as well as other fields.

"Selective Examples" of EGGs of the Egg Factory that are presently in development:

  1. World's first and only Electronic Intraocular Lenses. This innovative Intra Ocular lens will focus without movement and without making a sound: (www.elenza.com)
  2. World's first eye drop treatment for Presbyopia. This transformational approach to presbyopia is doctor friendly and patient friendly: (www.encorevisioninc.com)
  3. World's first selective light wave length filter that protects the human retina and potentially reduces the chance of contracting Macular Degeneration (AMD) and also its severity: (www.hpousa.com)
  4. World's first and only solid state Electronic Focusing Lens for camera applications: www.evisionoptics.com

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