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Elenza is developing an alternative solution for the correction of near-point blur following cataract surgery or for correcting presbyopia (loss of near-point focus with age). Elenza’s electronic IOL has no movement and comprises a dynamic electro-active add power (3.0D at the IOL plane) for monocular or binocular implantation in eyes. The dynamic add power is autonomously controlled to be turned ON when the patient performs any near vision task and OFF when the patient is looking at far objects. The dynamic add power is triggered by two small microchips (1 mm X 1mm) that receive signals from a physiological change accompanying accommodation and convergence. The device is powered by two solid state rechargeable lithium batteries. Elenza is targeting the 25 million cataract operations that occur each year in the world, as well as the 100 million pairs of multifocal eyewear that are sold each year worldwide. More than 150 patents and patent applications have been filed. Please visit our website at www.Elenza.com.

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