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High Performance Optics has developed a selective, high energy blue light wave length, filtering technology that has the potential to help prevent vision loss and improve vision performance. This technology can be applied in a wide range of industrial applications and ophthalmic corrective lens devices such as IOLs, corneal implants, contact lenses, spectacle lenses and ophthalmic diagnostic equipment. High Performance Optics is targeting the non-emetropic corrective lens market which amounts to over 400 Million pair of corrective lenses sold each year worldwide. High Performance Optics also targets the Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) market which is estimated to affect 1.6% of the population aged 50-65 years and over 30% of the population aged 75 and older. Multiple patents have been issued and multiple patent applications are pending. High Performance Optics has licensed its intellectual property to multiple global companies and continues to expand its number of licensees. Please visit our website at www.hpousa.com.

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