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Encore Vision is developing a topical ophthalmic pharmaceutical treatment for presbyopia (blurred near-point vision), directed at the cause. The pharmaceutical treatment breaks down excessive biochemical bonds within the crystalline lens that form with age and restores lens softness, thereby allowing the lens to change shape and regain focusing/accommodative ability when focusing on near objects. In-vivo proof of concept in animals has been achieved. Encore Vision is targeting the growing estimated approximately 1.8 billion presbyope market worldwide of which approximately 100 million are in the United States. Multiple U.S. patents have been issued and multiple U.S. and foreign patent applications are pending. Most recently, Encore Vision's eye drops successfully passed its FDA Phase 2 Clinical with no adverse reactions being reported, while improving near point focus.Please visit our website at www.EncoreVisionInc.com.

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William (Bill) Burns, President

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