About Us:

Wavefront Systems is developing technology to measure the eye during cataract surgery to improve visual outcomes. The Company's technology measures the physical distances between the critical structures of the eye after the cataract has been removed but before the replacement lens (IOL) is implanted. By combining information about the structural properties of the eye acquired after the diseased lens has been removed with optical property data, a more precise selection of the optical power for the intraocular lens to be implanted may be made. Wavefront Systems' technology targets the 20 Million cataract procedures performed each year in the world. Initial focus will be on the 3.2 million procedures in the U.S. and the 3 million in the European market. The company believes the superior outcome that will result from its proprietary system and method will allow it to collect either a per-procedure fee or a medical device royalty. Notice of allowance has been granted on one patent application and multiple patent applications are pending.

Wavefront is a majority owned subsidiary of e-Vision Smart Optics, Inc.