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reFine Focus is developing the world's first translating eyewear that will allow multifocal wearers optimum distance, intermediate and near vision. Next generation products may also provide improved night time and day time vision in one pair of glasses. This proprietary eyewear, comprised of a lens and frame, allows for the eyewear (frame and lens) to translate or move the lens relative to the pupils of the eyes - 4-5 mm up or down. This slight movement provides the wearer with wider and clearer fields of view, less perceived distortion and less head tilt when looking at objects above or below the wearer's line of site. Instead of the wearer having to move his head up or down for optimal vision, reFine Focus translating eyewear moves up and down in a semi-automatic, fully automatic or manual mode to accommodate the various vision and ergonomic conditions. reFine Focus eyeglass frames will look like today's fashion eyeglass frames and when the eyewear translates, only the wearer will know that it has. reFine's technology represents a proprietary innovative platform and has multiple patent applications pending.

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